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Liability insurance provides protection against claims resulting from injuries to people and/or damage to property. Liability insurance policies cover both legal costs and any legal payouts for which the insured would be responsible if found legally liable. Intentional damage and contractual liabilities are typically not covered in these types of policies.

CGL Policy is tailor-made for any small or large business, partnership or joint venture businesses, a corporation or association, an organization, or even a newly acquired business. Insurance coverage in a CGL policy includes bodily injury, property damage. The amount of risk associated with the business and the size of the business determines the total coverage.

The policy provides compensation for defending or investigating a lawsuit; court costs including attorneys' fees, police report costs and witness fees, any judgment or settlement resulting from the lawsuit, medical expenses for the injured persons, etc. Here, insurers retain the right to defend any suit against the insured company arising from bodily or property damages. Worldwide territory and jurisdiction can be included in Public Liability policies.

This insurance is for businesses that manufacture products for sale on the general market. Product liability insurance protects against lawsuits arising from injury or death caused by their products.

Workmen's Compensation Insurance is designed to protect employers against liabilities to employees who are injured in the course of their employment. Employment related accidents are a part of every business activity, especially where manual labor is involved. Under the Saudi labor law, every employer is liable to pay compensation to their employees towards death or injuries or disease or disabilities sustained by the employees from work-related accidents. The law provides for the quantum of compensation payable for various eventualities such as death / disability.
This policy provides cover to your business establishment against such liabilities towards your employees.

Two forms of covers are available:
1. Cover as per benefits payable under Saudi Labor law and / or Sharia Law
2. Cover as per the benefits payable under Saudi Labor laws and / or Sharia Laws, over and above the compensation available under the GOSI scheme.

Professionals are considered to be possessing expertise in their line of profession and should exercise proper care while offering the services to their clients. However, as human error cannot be always eliminated, errors and omissions do creep-in in some cases, leading to claims against the professionals for any of their errors or omissions or negligence, which may cause financial loss to their clients. The Professional Indemnity Policy provides indemnity to the Insured in respect of the Insured’s legal liability to third parties that is related to negligent act, negligent error or negligent omission which was or may have been or is alleged to have been committed or omitted (as the case may be) after the Retroactive Date specified in the Policy. The policy can also cover defense cost & expenses.

This policy protects those persons practicing medical professions from the risks associated with their work, and the legal third party liability that may arise out of any error, negligence or omission incurred during the performance of their work according to the terms, conditions and exclusions set forth in the insurance policy. The cover includes all defense costs incurred with the Company's consent in respect of any claim, if the total amount payable in respect of damages shall not exceed the payable limits of indemnity.

Persons eligible for this Insurance:
• Surgeons, obstetrics & gynecology and anesthesia specialists
• Doctors of other medical categories
• Pharmacists
• Nurses and technicians
• Paramedics and technicians

D&O insurance provides indemnity for the individual Directors and Officers of a company against their legal liability to pay damages to third party claimants as a consequence of the third party having suffered financial loss through the negligent act, error or omission of the Director or Officer in his/her “managerial capacity”. This Insurance provides coverage for directors and officers in respect of wrongful acts undertaken in the course of the performance of their managerial duties. D&O cover protects the personal assets of Directors and Officers. The company for the benefit of the directors and officers as individual insureds purchases the policy. The policy will reimburse the company itself for a loss where it has indemnified a director in respect of a claim made against them and in the event that the company is unable to reimburse the director the policy will directly pay the individual.