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Employee Benefits are one of the major capital expenditures most companies face. Now that health insurance has become compulsory nationwide, premiums are devouring an ever-larger portion of budget, employers are concerned with ways to contain the cost. We will help clients structure attractive, cost-effective benefit programs designed to retain and motivate your workforce while adapting to their changing needs.

We promise you...
• Access to most prestigious and trusted healthcare providers all over the Kingdom.
• A variety of tailor-made solutions that best suit your employees with the most competitive pricing.
• Clear and comprehensive seminar presentations according to the employees and management levels. • Prompt and efficient claims management.

In aim of making sure you are healthy, this policy provides healthcare coverage to mitigate the risk of health deterioration and disease. The purpose is to assist the insured where an illness or injury makes it necessary to receive medical or surgical treatment in hospitals and medical centers.

Group Life Insurance forming an essential part of your company’s reward package, Wearrange for cost effective Group Life Insurance that provide a lump sum payment or income replacement in the event of an employee’s death, permanent disability or temporary incapacity due to accident/sickness.

Accidents are common and sometimes cause fatal injury leading to disabilities or death. Personal Accident Insurance is a benefit policy providing compensation in the event of an unfortunate event. It covers losses resulting directly and independently from bodily injuries caused by accident on or off duty and anywhere in the world. Tailor-made policies can be designed suited to the requirements of the group.